Thursday, December 3, 2009

This is How My Brain Works...Can You Say A.D.D.?

I'm working really hard and stuff...

My ass feels like its unconscious. 5 people could have felt me up by now and I wouldn't have even known.

Am I hungry? I just ate...I need like a shot of Red Bull and a banana dipped in strawberry yogurt.

Now, rubber comes from trees right? Yeah, how the hell does that work?

It's so hard to be nice to people when you have an attitude. I feel like I want to snap sometimes...Does that mean I'm crazy? Maybe...

I unfold every paperclip that I come in contact you do this?

OK so back to slowly counting to 10 so I don't chew somebody's face off work...

Disturbia...But Not in the Sexy, Rihanna Kind of Way...

OK so today is my sixth day without meat! And I must say it's a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Now granted, I forget almost all the time. I added bacon bits to my salad yesterday and took almost 2 bites before I remembered that I don't eat pork anymore. Loser.

And I ordered chicken wings from the Chinese restaurant before "someone" reminded me that I was "flesh free". Shit.

I can say that I'm getting more used to not having it and my stomach has abruptly ceased growling for the most part!

I find that I can eat 3 times as much "veggies" than before, and I love veggies far so good!

Now lets move on to today's happenings...
My old friend, from my exotic dancing NYU days has come down to Atlanta for a job interview from NY. She said in very blunt words today that she basically "wants my life". I said what's so great about my life? Shit, you can have it! She said "I love the "way" you are, I see how you handle people and business and I'm envious!" So I told her that the way I do things may be different from how someone else might see it. I tried to get her to see that instead of adopting someone else's perspective maybe she should develop her own. I am all about doing things differently and being my own person, so if that's something that she admires, she could easily apply her OWN views and perspective to her OWN life!
This ignorant heffa told me that she would just rather "adopt MY perspective, since she already likes it so much"?!?!?!?

"I love how you talk to people and how understanding you are. And you always ask the right questions. You're like a tiger, cunning and intimidating".

You know, people are crazy... There are some real psychos out there!
I'm in the fucking Twilight Zone.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Now a Pescetarian....It's a Vegetarian That Smells Like FISH!!

A Pescetarian is a Vegetarian that eats fish and seafood!...
Before I get the dirty looks from all the "real" vegetarians just's my life and my body so I can do whatever the hell I want suck on these!

Ok so now...Why am I doing it? Lots of reasons...:

^ It's GREAT for my body!! After 27 years of burgers, steak, bacon and lamb...I'm guessing my body needs a break. No reason to rush into a heart attack right??
^ Im not really a "Save the Animals" kind of chick but, after watching some documentary and reading all about the torture and the electric stomach kind of turns a little bit now!
^ Ive read that 1 person cutting back on 2/3 of their share of meat can save lives and prevent global warming...took me a while to understand but its something like less meat means less dead carcasses and less energy being used to kill all of these less slaughter house energy means less pollution. Less pollution means less global something like that!
^ I've read somewhere that humans arent supposed to eat meat anyway...either the bible or something about our intestines not being equipped to deal with the long digestion period of meat!

So pity congratulate me..!
There are TONS of resources about the transformation on the net...this is one of them!
Today is day I know that 3 isn't a big number...but remember Christmas is coming up and tough times lie ahead. I think I should be OK though...
Wish me luck... Do I smell bacon??