Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Now a Pescetarian....It's a Vegetarian That Smells Like FISH!!

A Pescetarian is a Vegetarian that eats fish and seafood!...
Before I get the dirty looks from all the "real" vegetarians just's my life and my body so I can do whatever the hell I want suck on these!

Ok so now...Why am I doing it? Lots of reasons...:

^ It's GREAT for my body!! After 27 years of burgers, steak, bacon and lamb...I'm guessing my body needs a break. No reason to rush into a heart attack right??
^ Im not really a "Save the Animals" kind of chick but, after watching some documentary and reading all about the torture and the electric stomach kind of turns a little bit now!
^ Ive read that 1 person cutting back on 2/3 of their share of meat can save lives and prevent global warming...took me a while to understand but its something like less meat means less dead carcasses and less energy being used to kill all of these less slaughter house energy means less pollution. Less pollution means less global something like that!
^ I've read somewhere that humans arent supposed to eat meat anyway...either the bible or something about our intestines not being equipped to deal with the long digestion period of meat!

So pity congratulate me..!
There are TONS of resources about the transformation on the net...this is one of them!
Today is day I know that 3 isn't a big number...but remember Christmas is coming up and tough times lie ahead. I think I should be OK though...
Wish me luck... Do I smell bacon??


  1. like hell we are not supposed to eat meat!!! that is one of the most ridicilous things i have ever heard!
    please tell me u are getting your protein from somewhere!

  2. I still eat fish!!! lol damn ...smh
    and I still take my vitamins...just like YOU!
    I said I read an article not wrote the damn thing! lol


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