Monday, November 23, 2009

Lesbians are Cool!

I recently took advantage of an opportunity to pamper myself, its a courtesy of the hotel business I suppose. I haven't had a massage since the Reagan administration so I felt like it might be time to ya know, go get a rub down!
So I get there and its very classy and elegant. There is a doorman that escorts me into the spa and bows while he's holding the door. The owners were there to greet me and we had a quick talk about the business that I send to them and how they are very grateful (Nice bunch of people those Ukrainians)!
So she escorts me into a dark room with serene music and shadow spotlights, and asks me which type of massage I would like to have. I let her know that I'm kind of tense and I haven't had a day off in 11 days so I might need a Deep Tissue massage. She agreed and told me where to put my clothes and let me know that if I wanted to leave my underwear on, I could.
So once she leaves the room I strip down butt naked, because I mean seriously...I love my body and I'm not shy or uncomfortable in my own skin. I lay down on the table face down and tuck my fingers under my hips.
She comes in and says "Wow, you're naked...I love it"...!
As she proceeds to caress my back, I can feel myself relaxing already. Mmmmm!
Now the real party starts when she massages all the way UP my leg...also known as the ASS area of my body!
Now I haven't had a massage in quite some time, but I do NOT remember my butt cheeks being a part of the ordeal at all! While molesting my butt crack she says things like "You're skin is so soft, what do you do to it?"...WTF!
I mean, maybe she figured because I stripped down to "la buff" that I wanted to be sodomized by her fingers? Well the thing is, I actually enjoyed her fondling my private parts...(Great so now I'm a lesbian, awesome...)...I thought I was all finished and then she hit me with the two sexiest words you can ever hear during sex... In a sexy, sultry voice she said "TURN OVER"!!!
I said Awwww Shit...
She then proceeded to massage my upper chest area, like right above the "ladies". It wasn't the most awesome feeling but I'm a touchy feely person anyway, so I was very happy. *smile*
And then she insulted me by saying she didn't understand why a pretty girl has such ugly eyebrows ( smh) , so she waxed and plucked me to death, which really made me feel pampered....It was great!
The next day I had another massage set up by a different spa, and she was an older lady with waaaaaay more experience, so after THAT massage I had lobster skin... and my neck felt so loose and no longer tense! it was like I was finally free! Yay!!!
All in all I enjoyed the molestation and stuff...massages ROCK!!


  1. My best friend...Lesbian Massage Therapist. They fucking rock!

  2. Dude, they are awesome!! Where can I get one?? lol
    I'm totally cool enough to be a lesbian!


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