Monday, October 5, 2009

Yes, I am Crazy....So What...Stfu

Yes sir indeedy, I am in a waaay better mood today! Yesterday i was ready to stab a few strangers with rusty screwdrivers...but i digress.
ok so, ive been on this lifestyle change, where i watch my portions and take better care of my body inside and out...but you know how you get to a point where you dont give a shit about a lifestyle anything....yeah, thats where i am...and i dont deny myself the things that i crave, i just have them in moderation...
That being said during the latter part of a womans "cycle" (w/e i hate referring to anything about a womans menstral anything EWWW YUCK....yep 3rd grade all over folks)...its just gross...ok TANGENT sorry...
um...what was i saying?...oh yeah so during that time of the cycle she may crave a lil bit more of the chocolate side of things rather than brussel sprouts thats where i am...except this was last week and now im shall i put it...GREEDY!
oh and LAZY too, like i usually run up and down the apt building stairs (3 flights) 4 or 5 ask me how many times ive done that in the last week...DING DING DING...your correct...NONE!
im a lame ass...quite literally...i dont want a mushy bum anymore...i want one of those nice bouncey tight bums...i just dont always FEEL like being sweaty and out of breath!
yep, jussssssst need to find a motivating, sexy, hot, freaky workout partner..>! And now ill stop dreaming...ill have to snap out of it!
Ok, time for a twinkie!

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