Friday, October 30, 2009

Ignoring People is Fun...Try it!

Today is Friday, whoopdeedamndoo...! I don't have the 9-5 kind of job so its not like its a weekend for me...yea yea yea OK so...
I have on this gorgeous royal blue satin shirt...yep..I look nice and sexy! Except for the fact that it's one of those like peasant type its like riding up my ass all the way to my bra strap!
It's hard to pull off sexy when you have to keep pulling and tugging on your clothes like a 2 year old. Ugh!
In other news, I went to a conference for work yesterday, and I love discussing my job and meeting new people and all of the good crap that negates the shit that makes you want to say "f*ck dis job" on a bad day...but I was seated at a table with strangers and the women kept looking at me (one of them was a smoking hot BIG GIRL)...I thought maybe I had like a slippery snot boogie in my nose or something!

One of the guys pointed out to me "those women have been staring at you for a while now"...I'm like well I haven't slept with anybody's husband or cursed anyone out yet so...I could care less...let em stare...I look awesome today anyway...he laughs...
A few hours later, one of the ladies approaches me out in the hall after a meeting break and says "my friend and I so enjoyed your input and comments, you're so funny..." ...I'm thinking WTF??
We went on to talk about work and our jobs and where we wanted to go within the company and I found it very refreshing...women don't usually genuinely want to appreciate each other...especially BLACK women...and that's very unfortunate...because I always find myself complimenting women on whatever I think looks appealing about their appearance...
It's nice to see that I'm not alone in that regard...*smile*
People usually don't surprise me so, it was weird at first! I don't really do that well with strangers (except for work, because its my job to engage weird people and talk to them about things that I wouldn't out in the real world)...but its different when I'm not at work...I've mastered the art of ignoring people...typical NY'er...yea whatever, suck on these!

OK, so, yeah...enjoy the weekend!


  1. I ALWAYS tell other women when they are working it and looking good. I had to go to see a lawyer about a year ago, and the receptionist there was like some sort of goddess. That girl looked positively royal, and I was thinking, "I bet no one has told her." So I did. I said, "I just have to tell you, but you look great today." I don't think she thought I was coming on to her (I wasn't . . . but who knws what she thought, really). But she did just beam with pride. She had obviousyt made an effort.

    Living in Moscow, I don't speak enough Russian to say much to people on the street. But, boy, sometimes the women look great. I try to tell them with a laugh or eye contact. Again, I'm straight. But sometimes I think people ought to hear it when they're working it and it's really good, you know?

  2. Ahahaha...! There's always that "Will she think I was looking at her ass if I say nice jeans!?" thought...but whatever...Lesbo's are cool! So it's cool if they think I'm one!
    Love the "sausage" tho...just as an fyi!


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