Monday, December 14, 2009

This Guy Chisels Away at the Italian Marble I have Protecting my Heart!

This is WHY I LOVE him So MUCH!!

I told him he was better than the Cotton Candy ice cream that I am addicted to LOVE from Cold Stone! Yep, I love him that much!

and he's hot....soooooo....I'm guessing I should book a flight to the UK like asap huh?

Sounds like a plan...(mental note: birth control? *check*)

In all honesty...Thank You Simon...YOU are why I write at all! *sniffle*

Carry on...


  1. My heart is aflutter! Not often you run across a woman of impeccable taste but dear lady you are perfect!

  2. By the way pet,birth control,no problem, I had the snip years ago.Somewhere in the dim distant past I think I posted on the subject!Isn't it wonderful to flirt on-line!

  3. It is DEEEEE VINE! (in an old southern lady's accent)!!
    Im glad we "met"!

  4. You have to either become a standup comic or write a sitcom for adults.There is nothing sexier than a funny woman!

  5. Im sure I can think of a few things!! Like I saw this lady trip over her own slip today...hilarious...! ya!

  6. I am waiting for your next post!


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