Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ooooh La La!!!

I woke up today and decided to weigh myself, because I haven't seen a change in like a week. My clothes are bigger but I just don't "feel" smaller...(women and their feelings huh?)...!
When it said I was 11 pounds lighter, I figured I must be standing on it wrong, so I got on and off like 12 times! But, tis suck on this *bitches*...wait, no profanity on Sundays...but just know that I love my body, no matter what! So Hmph!
In other news, I'm like addicted to these new shows FlashForward...Glee...Vampire Diaries...
I'm a big TV/Movie buff so I love sitting around talking to my people about all of it...
I'm Pisces so any way that I can escape "real" me, I will!
Now Flash, doesn't have really like a "Hot" guy that I can attach myself to in my imagination, but the story is strong.
Vamp D's, has Paul Wesley *swoon*, sweet lord in heaven I want this man to just have his way with me...*clears throat* ahem... its Sunday...OK...
Now Glee, is the work of a genius, now that I think about it, I'm surprised it hasn't been done before...Hmmm
OK now see, I HATE musicals, like within the depths of me I hate them...but the fact that they're singing songs that I listen to is awesome...and having been in quite a few choirs, I can relate...!
Its like watching a show with more than enough humor and drama to keep me entertained, and then having a concert in my living room too!
Love it!
OK, done you were...

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