Friday, October 23, 2009

Nipps are Good! As in Nippy Weather, Not Nipples...You Pervs!

So it's getting kind of chilly outside, and I for one love the NIPPY weather!
There's the snuggle factor and the hot cocoa and nice sexy boots....but Winter here is nothing like winter in NY! The NY attitude is even worse in bad weather, damn fools already don't have manners (myself included), add bad weather to that and you get well, you get misdemeanors and felonies...Ha!
Now, don't smack me in the head with a sledge hammer, but I'm just getting into the show LOST after being about 5 years too late...I got sick of my friends calling me a loser so...better late than never..!
I kind of feel like that's how my life is, like brilliantly cast episodes of strange happenings and disasters masked by what appears to be luck that is really just fate played out in an overwhelming jungle! Yep, live in my world!
Do I smell bacon?
Speaking of nippy weather, this bra totally is not worth the $58 I paid for it, ....bastard!
Life would be so much simpler to me if I was like a normal C cup, or even a big B...!
Are there any breast men left in the world?!?! I don't have much of a round, juicy plump booty...but I am blessed in the sexy, smooth, milky tit area...I am now back down to a DD as opposed to the E I was earlier in the year......hahaha...dont hate bitches!!
OK I'm bored now...time for some bacon!

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