Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yes, I'm Expecting... A Baby... Weird Right? I know!

So, yea...

I'm pregnant and having a feels sooooooooo like.... surprising.

I don't even like children... or they don't like me, whatever.

It's probably the same situation with people who hate cats but then like their own cat. Eh.

All in all, i am excited though... I mean i am worried that I'll screw the kid up or he/she will have elephant ears and a furry back or something... *scary*

The pregnancy so far has been "picture perfect" according to my OB's and Midwives. The sickness makes me want to stab myself in the chest with an unsharpened pencil...but I digress.
18 Weeks along and I'm pretty ecstatic about it.
So, that may be the topic I write about for a while.
I doubt this will turn into a "Mommy Blog" tho, cuz yea, no.
I'm still nauseous so that means it's time to go throw up, bye for now!

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