Saturday, November 7, 2009

10 Things To Do With a Severed Thumb

....because.......why not?

1: Give someone a wet willy...or my favorite...a wet Jessica.. :-)
2: Pick your nose while spinning in a circle!
3: Chuck it at a former president who "just doesn't give a shit"!
4: Slice it open, stuff it with catnip and tie a string to it. (Kitty toy)
5: Slip it in the pedicure tub at the nail salon!
6: Try to return it at Walmart...
7: Give to your waitress as a tip. (Make sure to include a wink after!)
8: Tape it to the windshield wiper of a strangers car.
9: Add bananas, blend it up and make baby food! Protein...yummm!
10: Talk to it while you sit in traffic!

Am I missing anything...?


  1. You could use it as a rating system...when you hate something turn it up side down...
    Oooh, also instead of figuratively saying that some one has their thumb up their can make that happen for real!

  2.'re a psycho...and im soooo happy...
    because it means im not alone and it means we're both brilliant!!
    note to self: buy some blonde hair dye!


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